25 Feb, 2020

Message to the international meeting in Paris celebrating the centenary of the October revolution

Logo for hundreårsmarkeringa i Paris november 2017.


The October revolution in Russia 1917 proved that the working masses, with the working class in the lead, can in fact establish their own state power and develop the economy in a planned manner that is beneficial to the entire people. With a dedicated class party faithful to the teachings of scientific socialism at the head, the working class can defeat a class enemy holding all resources and means of power in its hands.

Call for support of the Norwegian dockers

"The ML parties of Europe encourage all workers, trade unions and all democratic forces to express their solidarity and to boycott Yilport."

The dockworkers are renowned worldwide for their internationalism and their active solidarity with workers and seamen struggling for their rights. Now, it is the dockers themselves who are in urgent need of international support and solidarity.

Greetings to Revolutionary Democracy

Two Decades in the Service of Revolution and Democracy

Since 1995 and to date, the journal Revolutionary Democracy (RD) has proved itself a most valuable resource for revolutionaries and Marxist-Leninists worldwide. The supplementary online edition is becoming an essential digital library for anyone interested in knowledge based on the scientific method and world outlook of Marxism-Leninism.

Norway: Liberalists and Neo-Cons head for governance after elections void of a working class alternative

The US ambassador to Norway, Barry White, has stated that the established Norwegian parties, i.e. from Fremskrittspartiet to Rødt ("Red"), would all fit into the Democratic Party in the USA. We seldom agree with US ambassadors, but in this specific case his observation is remarkably close to the truth.

Barry White to Aftenposten 23 Sep 2013

Following the September 9th national elections, the overtly right-wing parties of the bourgeoisie won a majority of the Norwegian votes. The outcome is a neo-liberal government constituted by the Conservative Party (Høyre) led by Erna Solberg and the right-wing populist Progress Party (Fremskrittspartiet) led by Siv Jensen. This will be the most reactionary government seen in Norway for decades.

Handing the Nobel peace prize to the EU is an insult to the peoples of Europe and the whole world

The European Union (EU) is not a peace project. The EU is not a "People's Europe".  The EU is and has always been the Europe of the monopolies.

The Norwegian Nobel Committee continues unabated to scandalize the Nobel Peace Prize and the will of Alfred Nobel to a degree that evokes head-shaking and embarrassment abroad as well as at home. Under the leadership of former Norwegian Labour party leader and current Secretary General of the Council of Europe, Thorbjørn Jagland, the committee is already guilty of handing the award to the belligerent U.S.  President Obama. And now to the EU!